Communications Tools

To effectively communicate the clients message, we utilise a vast range of communications tools. Listed below are the tools that help us enhance our clients messaging. Click the titles to view detail descriptions.

1. Videos

We are experienced in producing videos of all types – product videos, recruitment videos, internal conference videos, both animated and non- animated. We will script the entire video for you, in the context of your objectives and mission. We work with experienced production companies to ensure that the final product educates, and where appropriate, entertains.

2. Articles

3. Websites

4. Newsletters & Magazines

5. White Papers

We are thorough and resourceful in our research and fact finding. Our unique ability is to understand complex subjects and articulate them in a manner in which it could be understood by laymen. We will also to help conceptualize your research papers, and help fulfill their potential as important content marketing assets.

6. Annual Reports

We regard annual reports as much more than just statements of accounts. To us, they are important marketing and positioning documents that illustrate your company’s value propositions, mission, and vision. The annual reports we produce for you will be creative, messaging-focused and above all, inspire investor confidence.

7. Marketing Brochures

We break traditional conventions on marketing collaterals, and help you achieve mind share in a market place competing for attention. The copy that we create will be naturally persuasive and compel audiences to take action. We will couple unfettered creativity with a focus on delivering messages concisely and clearly.

8. Speeches & Messages

We have a track record of writing speeches and messages for Ministers, CEOs, and Guests-of-Honour, whether for events, commemorative booklets, annual reports or other publications. We recognise the importance of messages and speeches communicating a vision.